Friday, July 28, 2017

EXCLUSIVE SONG PREMIERE: Cheer-Accident - "Graphic Depression" (remastered)

If you listened to noise rock in the late 90's and early 2000's, chances are you're already more than familiar with the legendary SKiN GRAFT Records. The label released a staggering number of highly influential albums during this time, including releases from the proto-mathcore act Dazzling Killmen, Japanese jazz/art rock outfit Ruins, extreme noise rockers The Flying Luttenbachers, and of course the infamously crass Arab on Radar. Cheer-Accident, contemporaries and labelmates of such aforementioned acts, were also busy pushing the boundaries of music during this time. Recorded by Steve Albini in 1999, "Salad Days" is the final album to include guitarist Phil Bonnet, who died of brain aneurysm in 1999 (...and was later replaced by Dylan Posa, formerly of The Flying Luttenbachers), and took angular, avant-garde noise rock to new falsetto-powered heights. Complex instrumentation, elongated song structures, art freak outs, calming ambiance, and even short bouts of poppy accessibility make this album far ahead of it's time, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive stream of the remastered version of "Salad Days" first track, "Graphic Depression."

*Cheer-Accident are to also release a remastered, official version of "Trading Balloons," the band's 1997 recording session, September 8th via SKiN GRAFT Records.

Monday, July 3, 2017

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Black Nail - "The Air Was Perfectly Neutral"

Bust out your whitebelts: it's MySpace time. Remember the glory days of skinny jeans and abundant breakdowns? That time has returned, my friends. As of late, a new wave "scenegrind" has taken the world by storm, and Black Nail are the cream of the crop. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the four piece recall the screamo-injected heaviness and chaos of bands like Me and Him Call It Us, Hayworth and more recently, newer bands like Gif From God, Vein, and SeeYouSpaceCowboy.

*Black Nail are to release a split with Tweak later this year