Friday, December 15, 2017

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Vilification - "Through Iron Sights"

Ontario's The Vilification are back with their first new material in over 2 years, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you a track from their new EP, "The World Owes You Nothing." Unlike their previous instrumental efforts, the band have returned with the addition of a vocalist and seem to have shed the majority of their "djent" or progressive metal elements in favor of a more raw and aggressive hardcore sound. "Through Iron Sights" showcases the band's new direction and will be sure to please fans of heaviness and gross guitar harmonies a la The Tony Danza Tapdance ExtravaganzaFrontierer, and Fall In Archaea. 

*The Vilification are to release their new EP "The World Owes You Nothing" in March of 2018.

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