Thursday, September 6, 2018

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Doom Shrugs - "The Clairolfactant and the Flatulent Ghost"

Weird is the operative word to describe New Zealand's Doom Shrugs. This is weird and wonderful stuff. This is math rock with a fast and loose feel, so to speak, with off-kilter, nauseating rhythms and a number of improvised sections. Clean guitar tones and tight percussion drive this album, but there are sparse sections of shouted vocals as well. "The Clairolfactant and the Flatulent Ghost" is thought provoking in how it flaunts the normal conventions of music, recalling the math rock zaniness of bands like Hella and the jazz injected improvisational madness of John Zorn and his associated projects. This editor had an almost an identical experience to the first time I heard Horse Torso, especially given that this is obviously supposed to be music that makes you feel uncomfortable. It's very fidgety. Funnily enough, this album's vibe could be described by one of the song titles: "I Feel Overwhelming Joy, Please End My Miserable Life."

Doom Shrugs - "The Clairolfactant and the Flatulent Ghost," out 9/7/18.

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